“The Next Page” is the story about not only about dealing with the illness of a loved one, but also a look at being ill and learning to cope with one’s situation. In the film, nine-year-old Brian finds out that he has to enter into a battle with cancer. Despite having the emotional support of his ever-present father, Brian does not know his mother and really has few friends. The film allows him to explore his newfound situation and discover what friendship is and how it allows him to overcome his difficulty. The film also follows his father Alex who attempts to provide the ultimate comfort for his son while being emotionally weakened by the process.

The film is not based on real events, but it was certainly inspired by them. Both of us have had to witness a number of our closest loved ones do battle with cancer and other major illnesses within the span of one year. We essentially lived in a hospital for months and were confronted with numerous difficult situations that were not only related to our beloved ones, but to the other people around us. This film aims to provide the audience with some of that experience, while also celebrating the bravery of overcoming these hardships.

The Next Page is currently in pre-production and will film in late 2014.